Sweden, Denmark (Nordjylland region) and a half circle in Iceland, July–August 2012 (1500 km)

Bike damaged during cargo unloading in Göteborg. Spent 3 days in town getting frame fixed. Slept in the airport.

Denmark was easy to cycle in. Big rainstorm as I was approaching Hirtshals, where ferry to Iceland departs. Covering myself under a tree. Car stops by, a German couple in a 4x4 jeep. They invite me for a coffee in the back of their car.

On ferry to Iceland, shared cabin with drunken Swedes. Both loonie bin material. In hindsight, ferry grossly overpriced and only worth taking if you intend to stop in Faroe Islands, or travelling with your own transport.

In Iceland I mostly followed the ring road counterclockwise, with few detours. For the last section I followed the unpaved interior road F35, the most scenic and enjoyable part of the trip.

Hardest day of cycling was Husavik to Akureyri, about 100 km, to fierce headwind. Along the way I ran out of water, but managed to get some from a group of car tourists who stopped at the resting spot I was at. People in town told the wind was tough even by their standards.